PSI Pressure Systems Testimonial

PSI Pressure Systems

GreenStreet Marketing and Design has been providing me with excellent marketing solutions for more than seven years. When PSI Pressure Systems began, years ago, GreenStreet was extremely helpful assisting us with everything from logo design and letterhead, to business cards and envelopes. GreenStreet has been there for us, offering their expertise and suggestions as we’ve grown from a small, start-up company into a global supplier for pressure systems equipment. From complex catalog and brochure creation to maximizing our website design, GreenStreet is by our side to help usher us into more intensive advertising and marketing plans.

What differentiates GreenStreet from all others I’ve used or considered in my 30 years of experience is their ability to act seamlessly as an extension of my own company. They understand our business and as such, blend in as an arm of our staff when holding conversations regarding new or future product and marketing planning.

GreenStreet has consistently exceeded my expectations by creating several unique pieces such as PSI Pressure System logos, brochures, sell sheets, large format graphics for vehicles and trade show displays. GreenStreet manages our projects by presenting timelines, coordinating vendor work and providing creative direction at photo and video shoots. Another differentiation is their creativity. Rather than offering a single concept, they always offer several creative concepts for new projects, and we appreciate the opportunity to review their design options.

In summary, GreenStreet has handled every project challenge without hesitation. They also supply PSI with promotional items, and customized staff logo wear. You can depend on the GreenStreet team to deliver, and we just feel they have been bullet proof.