The Music Center

The Music Center

I have worked with GreenStreet Marketing & Design for five years in two different capacities. For three and a half years, as the senior marketing manager at Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union (KCFCU). In 2014, I became Executive Director of The Music Center and hired them to work for us.

They are a wonderful organization to partner with. Their creativity is the first service any client will recognize as standing out from the crowd. One expects a creative agency to do creative work, but GreenStreet has the added capacity of being able to communicate emotion and facts through precise messaging. And, they are timely and responsive to client needs. They have cultivated a very special gift; to make every client feel like they are the ONLY client.

Secondly, the company is run in an exceedingly professional manner. Creativity and business acumen do not always go hand in hand, but my experience with GreenStreet proves they are as attentive to this aspect as they are to "wowing" their clients with great design and copy. Their billing has always been perfectly accurate and timely. Their reputation with the media is outstanding and in my position at KCFCU, they were responsible for ALL media buys as I relied on their experience and negotiating skills to produce better media choices than I could. This included televesion, radio, billboard, print services, print media, and internet services on a monthly basis amounting to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since they make these purchases for many clients, they clout in the industry is strong.

Another valuable aspect I'd like to mention is the strategic focus GreenStreet offers. I have never found them to look at a project as a "one off" but are consciously aware of the long game and how to serve their clients in this way. They have introduced me to other organizations as they strive to connect people and businesses to create partnership opportunities.

Lastly, and this will not apply to all of their clients, but in the banking world, regulations can be complicated. GreenStreet always understood these regs and quickly adapted to the fast pace of change the industry went through very recently. It was fortuitous to have a smart partner to work with as it made the work much more efficient.